3D Printed Patents

Darrel Barnette’s main focus for where he wants to take his company, Digital to Definitive, is towards the realm of producing the products he’s been mentally developing and cataloging over the last several decades.

Among the products he’s used his Gigabot to design: bracketing for a hydraulic two-wheel drive motorcycle, an adapter for hunters to mount devices to a firearm, and a horseshoe-shaped part that helped make his skeet thrower a lot easier to set up.

He also has noticed that beginning to physically prototype a rough idea he’s had in his mind can often allow him to hone in on what exactly makes his product unique and therefore patent-worthy.

And while Darrel has noted before that contract 3D printing work currently takes up about 75% of his time, the ultimate goal is to move the business more towards working on his own products.

As he puts it, his vision is that he “can just open up the door to my shop and there’s my whole factory.”



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