re:3D is proud to announce that we bought our own headquarters space in Austin. We will use the space to scale, grow our ability to experiment with Gigalabs in a large outdoor space, and expand our networks in Texas!

The new facility is located in East Austin, known for being a mecca that actively convenes creatives & organizations committed to social impact. This location also allows re:3D to scale locally with University of Texas and Austin Community College initiatives focused on additive manufacturing, while increasing our global presence.

We’re still working out the details, but welcome your feedback at as we are committed to ensuring a seamless transition.

Below are some FAQs our team has assembled, and will be updated weekly based on your inputs.

You can witness the final move out logistics live on Wednesday May 29th from 10am-7pm. The Houston team would love to high five any visitors as we share memories and plans for the future! More information is located on our Eventbrite here. 

re:3D’s new headquarters is located at 1201 Old Bastrop Highway, Austin Texas 78742 (formally the High Sign Brewery). The building can be accessed just off of the frontage road near the 183 and 71 intersection, so if you are looking for something to do before your next flight from the Austin airport, we would love to see you! 

Our current Houston headquarters’ and Austin Office lease end May 31, 2024. For this reason we are trying to batch equipment and inventory moves each week to minimize disruptions to our operations. All headquarter operations will be established in Austin beginning June 1 2024.

re:3D has maintained a presence in parallel with Houston since 2013. We are indebted to the Clear Lake community for supporting our founding but are struggling to scale & maintain insurance for manufacturing operations in a hurricane vulnerable area. As Austin offers more opportunities for recruitment, reduced overhead, and active support from local organizations that support our social mission, we decided to move our operations, while still maintaining a footprint in Houston.

Both Charlotte, who is a Co-PI for our NSF Covergence grant, and Patrick who leads our Army Gigalabs grant as well as two NASA awards will remain in Houston. Where they will be working from is yet to be determined, and we welcome your suggestions!

While some of the Houston crew is moving to Austin (so far- Cheyena, Justin, Will, Mitchell, Jordan, and Annabelle), several teammates will be transitioning to their next adventure and welcome suggestions/introductions on where they should be applying!

Orders are being accepted, however there may be delays in for orders placed in May when we transition from Houston to Austin. For this reason, we recommend stocking up on parts prior to April 30th:) 

Tours in Houston and Austin can be arranged by emailing

Email and we will do our best to transparently reply within 24 hours! 

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