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Material Testing

Would you like help characterizing the best materials for your application? We can provide guidance on material compatibility testing to assess compatible build materials for adhesion or break away support. Send us your filament or pellets and we can print ASTM test samples to be assessed using our materials testing equipment. Once complete, we will send you a qualitative & quantitative report on:

Material Testing-03
Mechanical Properties

Our Admet 50kN Universal Testing System is capable of finding the mechanical properties of 3D-printed materials using standardized test procedures: Tensile (ASTM D638), Flexural (ASTM D790), Flexural Fatigue (ASTM D7774) & more upon consultation

Material Testing-04

Data Analysis

Aggregated stress data across all samples are given with average and standard deviation Stress-strain curves are given for each sample to show fracture characteristics

Material Testing-05


Changes in slicing parameters or utilization of post-processing techniques (annealing, sterilization, smoothing) can be compared. Null hypothesis one-tailed tests are used to determine statistical significance of claims

Material Testing-06

Failure Analysis

Test specimens can be 3D scanned at 0.025mm resolution to show deformation after testing. Fractures can be imaged with microscopy with 60x magnification

Filament Testing

Pellet & Flake Testing

Level One

Characterize your filament and establish best settings for Gigabot. We will provide a test report and Simplify3D factory file settings to help optimize your prints!

| $500.00

Characterize your pellets & flake and verify they can be extruded with Gigabot X. A test report will be provided

| $1,000.00

Level Two

Level One + ASTM Testing (tensile, compression, 3pt bending)

| $1,250.00

Level One + Printing multiple test articles, a test report and recommended Simplify3D factory file settings

| $2,000.00

Level Three

Design your own material printability test

| Contact us for Pricing

Level Two + ASTM Testing (tensile, compression, 3pt bending)

| $2,250.00

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