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How would you use a Gigabot 3+ kit to make a difference in your community?

Spun out of Engineers Without Borders – NASA Johnson Space Center in 2013,  re:3D® Inc. is a social enterprise pioneering new innovations to decimate the cost & scale barriers to 3D printing in order to create jobs & enable problem-solvers worldwide to independently address local needs.

With customers in 50+ countries around the world, re:3D manufactures Gigabot – the world’s largest, industrial FFF 3D printer under $9K. Gigabot rivals the printing quality of other industrial printers at 1/10 the cost and boasts a build volume starting at 30X larger than desktop models.

Founded with $40K from Start-Up Chile, re:3D was a top ranking graduate and successfully closed a $250K Kickstarter campaign for Gigabot,

while in residency. Six years later, re:3D has continued to sell Gigabots in over 50 countries, and consistently donates one 3D printer to someone trying to make a difference in their community for every 100 units delivered. 

With no outside investment, all developments to improve the ecosystem around creating human scale 3D printing solutions has been accomplished through open partnerships, crowdfunding and cash awards.  re:3D’s revenue is generated from direct hardware sales as well as training, maintenance, installation, design and contract printing services.

Recently re:3D modified Gigabot to 3D print from pellets and reclaimed plastic waste in order to truly enable affordable, sustainable, and locally driven

manufacturing. Dubbed Gigabot X, this pellet/granular printer will be sold alongside the Gigabot 3+/Terabot portfolio.

We look forward to your feedback as we work together to #dreamprinthuge!

How does it work?


For every 100 bots sold


We give one away


To someone helping the community

And the 2019 winner is…


After a lot of deliberation, OGRE Skin was selected as the most recent Gigaprize Fellow for their vision to use Gigabot to 3D print life-saving solution for first responders

Previous Gigaprize Winners


Magic Wheelchair

Portland USA

Share a vision to use Gigabot to provide even more awesome costumes for kids in wheelchairs


Clinton Foundation

Aba Abia Nigeria

Working with manufacturers, educators and the community to make Nigeria self sufficient, while supporting new job creation and STEAM


Good Works Studio

Houston USA

Proposed making using Gigabot to 3D products to improve the quality of life for refugees as part of their mission to help those in need around the world through design


3D Mulp

Bogota Columbia

Working to build myoelectric prosthetic arms for child amputees in Colombia



Kibera Kenya

Proposed region-specific 3D printing educational curriculum & opportunities to serve community needs such as repairing medical equipment and piping to distribute clean water

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