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Gigabot® 3+

Industrial 3D printing is now affordable. The massive print volume starts at 30X larger than desktop 3D printers, at a fraction of the cost of industrial systems.

Print with thermoplastics that melt below 320ºC, Gigabot’s all-metal hot end opens the door to a wider variety of 3D printing materials, including both high-strength and heat-resistant plastic filaments.

Free from the constraints of product versioning, the Gigabot platform enables user upgrades and customization. No machine will fall behind with new features available as add-on packages.

Gigabot® X

Printing with a larger nozzle while using pellets or flake is 5-10x cheaper than traditional filament.

The Gigabot X’s larger 0.8, 1.75 or 2.85mm nozzle reduces printing time, up to 17x faster than Fused Filament Fabrication printers.

Capable of printing with 1/8″ plastic granules melting below 270ºC, reducing dependence on printing with filament while supporting plastic granule mixing.

Gigabot® 3+

[ Prints with Filament ]

590 x 600 x 600 mm

Starting at $8,950

590 x 600 x 600 mm

Starting at $11,950

590 x 760 x 900 mm

Starting at $16,995

915 x 915 x 915 mm

Starting at $27,500

762 x 762 x 1,828 mm

Starting at $75,000

Gigabot® X

[ Prints with Pellets & Flake ]

580 x 600 x 470 mm

Starting at $16,950

580 x 760 x 770 mm

Starting at $21,995

915 x 915 x 785 mm

Starting at $32,500

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