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rPC 3D printing flake materials


Polycarbonate (PC) is a high performance material intended for use in engineering and industrial settings. As suggested by its name, PC contains carbonate groups that contribute significantly to its strength and toughness. PC also has excellent temperature resistance, making it useful in high temperature applications as well. Recycled polycarbonate (rPC) comes from regrinding a source of polycarbonate, like failed prints. If you are looking for a strong, industrial material that is also sustainable, rPC is an excellent choice.
rPC’s high performing properties make it a good choice for industrial applications. Parts made from rPC can withstand the demanding environment found in industry. rPC is also perfect for any parts that need to resist high temperatures. rPC is an eco-friendly solution for industrial material when used in pellet printers like Gigabot X since it reuses PC that would typically be discarded.

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