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GigabotX 2 XLT

Three Zone Independently
Controlled Barrel Heaters
5/8" Extruder Screw with a
16:1 L/D Ratio and a
0.8, 1.75 or 3mm nozzle
4 Point Bed Leveling
NEMA 17 & 23
Stepper Motors
0.5" Aluminum Heated
Bed with PRINTinZ
Leveling Caster Wheels
Full Color 10"
LCD Touchscreen
with Mainsail for
Linear Rails on X & Y Axis
7.8 kg Hopper Capable
of 24h
of Printing
Between Refills
32bit ArchiMajor
Control Board

The GigabotX 2 line of 3D printers is the next evolution in 3D printing technology. These direct-drive pellet extrusion based printers, can print from virgin or recycled pellets, flake, or regrind – and bring us even closer to the dream of a circular economy.

A ⅝” extruder screw with a 16:1 L/D ratio powered by a NEMA 23 motor enables 3D printing with 3-5mm plastic granules melting below 270ºC. With a larger 0.4, 0.8, 1.75 or 3mm nozzle, GigabotX 2 reduces the dependence on printing with filament while supporting plastic granule mixing, increasing printing speed and cost savings.

Your open-source industrial 3D printer is powered by a 32bit Ultimachine ArchiMajor control board and Klipper firmware run on a Raspberry Pi. Access GigabotX 2 controls via the Mainsail interface on either the 10” LCD touchscreen or a desktop or mobile web browser.

Hand-crafted in Texas by team re:3D to highly precise standards, your GigabotX 2 is modular, upgradable and backed by Lifetime Customer Support.




Build Volume

552 x 740 x 765 mm


Steel 5/8" extruder screw with a 16:1 L/D ratio


Supports thermoplastics melting below 270 ºC

Granule Size

Supports 3 - 5 mm plastic granules & pellets

Layer Resolution

0.32 - 2.25 mm

Printing Speed

up to 60 mm/sec

Nozzle Diameter

0.4, 0.8, 1.75 or 3 mm



Modular & upgradable construction


Robust aluminum cartesian frame

Build Plate

Cast aluminum blanchard ground flat 0.5” thick build plate

Stepper Motor

NEMA 17 & 23


Bot Control

Full color 10" LCD Touchscreen with Mainsail for Klipper interface


Optional network connecting for local monitoring & control


File Transfer Method

USB or Wifi

Open Source

Open source Klipper software stack

Upload File Type

G-code (.gcode) upload file type

Printing Workflow

Includes Simplify3D setting profiles



110V 60Hz 20A or
220V 50Hz 10A

Extruder Temperature

Up to 270ºC

Build Surface Temperature

Up to 115ºC

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