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Specialty 3D printing Pellets and flake materials


Specialty pellets and flake are unique materials created for specific use cases. Sometimes, common materials like PLA or ABS cannot meet the demands of a specific application and a dedicated material is needed. Specialty materials have been created for casting, smooth surface finishes, flexible parts, high clarity, and improved material strength. Due to the wide range of different applications, specialty materials are not easily classified into other common material categories. The chemical makeup of specialty materials is diverse as well, making each specialty material truly special. If you have a very specific demand for a material, there may be a specialty material to help you out!

Applications for specialty pellets and flake are almost entirely driven on the material’s design. Unlike common materials, specialty materials are often created for a specific application. Some of the most common specialty material use cases are given, but specialty materials exist for a wide variety of different applications.

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