Over the past 3 years our company and community have seen a ton of changes. Through a shared vision to make industrial 3D printing more accessible, our team rallied from multiple locations across the US, scaled our idea in Chile, and later established headquarters in Texas. Since launching in Santiago, we’ve opened two offices in Houston & Austin, which is complemented by a remote sales presence in San Francisco.  Although our team is centralizing operations in the USA, re:3D remains thankful to our Chilean roots and the $40K in funding that gave us the opportunity to make an idea a reality.

3D Hubs/ re:3D Meetup in Houston
Houston customers 3D Kinkos pose w/Gigabot, Terabot & a 15lb filament spool they won for sharing their 3D printed stool
Our Austin office is christened by Mike’s 3D printed guardian squirrel

We also recognize that through our 2 crowdfunding campaigns that Gigabot’s reach has expanded to new frontiers around the world.  We will always attribute our 2013 Kickstarter success to the thoughtful insight, organization, and advertising enabled through the Start-Up Chile program. However, since leaving Santiago after 7 months, customers and suppliers throughout both North America & South America have emerged in Texas and beyond.

Visiting Mkerstudio MX / Impresión 3D Gigabot & team in Mexico City

With this in mind, we’ve invested considerable effort into analyzing how our community and resources have evolved over three years. For example, you can view a breakdown of where our customers are located in the map on our website. In our examination of where re:3D has impact, we’ve discovered that over 80% of the materials we source for Gigabot, 100% of our labor, and 78% of Gigabots in the field are in North or South America.

Screenshot 2016-01-15 14.32.09

In 2014 & 2015 we also sent out surveys to our community, interviewed over 50 customers in person and attended events throughout the US that allowed us to engage with up to 500,000 people to hear your thoughts on human-scale 3D printing. Undeniably the biggest request of all of our road-trips was that we share stories of our personal adventures printing huge and those of the 300+ Gigabots worldwide. We’ve also had a strong demand for a more robust forum, which Mike is hoping to launch next month- more to come!

Sam poses w/Steve Forbes before the 3D Printing Panel at the Forbes Reinventing America Summit
Katy & Patrick Launch OpenGB live on Kickstarter at SXSW Create in March
Sam reunites w/Start-Up Chile Alums & Staff after speaking on their SXSW panel
Ernie travels w/Gigabot to share his insights at SXSW, the Austin Mini Makerfaire and UBM Minnesota








Lara pitches at the National Hardware Cup Semi-Finals in Austin
Matthew tours the US teaching onsite classes to Gigabot customers such the Boy Scouts at E-Motion
Jake takes his massive 3D printed scythe to RTX in Austin w/Gigabot and the local team
Katy, Sam & Matthew drive from Houston to San Fran demoing Gigabot & visiting customers (and a few national parks)









Tammie, Mike, & Customer Micah exhibit w/Gigabot at the Seattle Art Faire
Katy pitches at Inside 3D Printing NYC
Matthew, Katy and Sam take a selfie w/Tony Hsieh after winning Collision PITCH
Matthew speaks at CTEA in Austin
Katy preps for her talk at DoUSA in California. Credit: Justin Tyler Close








Tom & Todd visit with Oil & Gas experts at the Houston Expo
MAKE’s Dale Dougherty takes a seat on our 3D printed stool w/Morgan & Sam at MakerPro
Mike’s 3D printed bench is featured at the Big Medium East Austin Studio Tour (self-driving car for scale:)
Todd & Robert demo the Surface Pro on Gigabot at the Microsoft Store at Baybrook Mall









Chris unveils his Solar Powered Gigabot at the Houston Mini MakerFaire
Gigabot goes to the Houston Comicpalooza
Sam pitches at Detroit Homecoming after spending 2 weeks visiting schools and doing Gigabot demos w/Todd
Figure3 Force vectors
Matthew publishes our 1st peer reviewed paper on filament grip
Working w/our interns we began designing functional use cases and testing them w/the community

As we’re still proudly bootstrapping, it struck us that we have an enormous opportunity to immediately leverage the dense community around us to photograph, video, and document the customers we encounter. We’ve devised a list of questions to capture information we’re told you want to hear:

  • Longest print
  • Biggest print
  • Application/ reason for printing huge
  • Materials tested
  • Favorite print
  • Challenges, feedback and requests
  • Cost and Time Savings
  • Your Gigabot Workspace
  • Your workflow

We hope this is only the beginning of building stronger relationships with all of our customers personally. We aspire to eventually meet all our customers, and are focusing first on sharing the stories of those closest to our operations first. We’re hoping to socially engineer affordable ways to ultimately canvas the globe, but for the short term we’d like to intentionally focus locally.


With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce our Made in America campaign. Each week, beginning next week, you can anticipate a blog, video and photographs that share the experiences of pioneers like you, who #dreambigprinthuge as we hit the road to engage with our American clientele.

To ensure we are fulfilling your requests for more curated content, we’d love your input. What questions would you like us to ask customers? Who would you like us to visit? Are there any National Parks we should check out enroute? We welcome your suggestions at marketing@re3d.org as we embark on an adventure to explore what’s being #madeinamerica on Gigabot.

Happy Printing!
~Samantha & Katy



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