Helen & the re:3D team are honored to learn that Gigabot X was featured alongside multiple products & technologies we admire for the 3D Pioneer Challenge- many of which are focused on sustainability & social impact! You can tune in with us to see the livestream on 22 June 2021, 5pm CEST at:  www.facebook.com/3DPioneersChallenge

For more information on the competition, we have reposted the press release below, taken from www.3dpc.io/en 🙂

The 3D Pioneers Challenge, an international design challenge for Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Technologies, has announced its finalists. Now in its sixth year, the focus of this year’s competition was not only on the core AM processes, but also on innovations in advanced technologies.

The group of participants included industry pioneers, young professionals, industry startups and students, coming from some thirty-two countries and spanning five continents.

The 2021 finalists seem to indicate a paradigm shift, explain the organisers: projects and products are being rethought through digital processes and technologies, with sustainability playing a major role in the new normal, both ecologically and economically. Socially-innovative concepts are taking steps into a progressive era of change.

The 3DPC-Digital Award Ceremony is scheduled to take place on June 22, 2021, and will be realised in cooperation with Jangled Nerves, Stuttgart, Germany, whose interdisciplinary team specialises in communication in space and the connection between the physical and digital worlds.

From now until the awards ceremony on June 22, the forty-three finalists can be viewed on the 3D Pioneers Challenge website and through its social media. Further information, including prize details, is available via the competition’s website.


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