In the highly competitive realm of themed experience design, standing out requires not only innovative concepts but also the ability to present those concepts in a compelling and tangible way. This was the challenge faced by our project team at the University of Central Florida’s (UCF) Themed Experience Master’s Program. Our project, “Domain Bizarre,” aimed to revolutionize the theme park experience with a queueless land design. Key to our success was the utilization of a large-scale 3D printed massing model, generously provided by re:3D Inc.

The Power of Large-Scale 3D Printing

In themed entertainment design, the devil is in the details. Traditional desktop 3D printers, while useful, often produce models that are too small to effectively convey the full scope and intricacy of a design. This is where re:3D Inc.’s large-scale 3D printing capabilities came into play, allowing us to create a 2ft x 2ft massing model of Domain Bizarre.

Why Printing BIG Matters

The ability to print a large model was crucial for several reasons:

  1. Detailed Realism: Larger models capture finer details and provide a more realistic representation of our design. This level of detail is essential for themed entertainment, where every element contributes to the overall narrative and guest experience.

  2. Comprehensive Visualization: A substantial model offers a more comprehensive view of the project, helping our team and the judges better understand spatial relationships, proportions, and the overall layout of Domain Bizarre.

  3. Impactful Presentations: For our presentation, the large-scale model made a significant impact. It allowed the judges to truly grasp the scale and complexity of our design, enhancing their understanding and engagement.

Domain Bizarre: Concept to Reality

Domain Bizarre is a queueless land designed to be integrated into an existing theme park. Our goal was to create a seamless, immersive environment where guests could explore at their own pace without the constraints of traditional queues. Here’s how the large-scale 3D printed model facilitated this vision:

  1. Design Breakdown: The 2ft x 2ft model allowed us to break down different areas of Domain Bizarre, illustrating how story beats unfolded across the land. We could clearly show where interactive elements, seating areas, and food stalls were ideally located.

  2. Interactive Elements: By printing large, we could place and adjust interactive elements within the model, ensuring they fit seamlessly into the environment and contributed to the overall guest experience.

  3. Optimized Layout: The detailed model helped us optimize the placement of various features, ensuring that every element—from food stalls to seating areas—was strategically placed to enhance the guest experience.

The Role of re:3D Inc.

While UCF’s Themed Experience Master’s Program provided the platform for our project, it was re:3D Inc. that made our vision a reality. Their Gigabot 3D printer allowed us to create a detailed, large-scale massing model that was pivotal to our presentation’s success. The ability to “print HUGE” provided a level of detail and realism that desktop models simply cannot achieve.

Presentation Impact

The impact of our large-scale model on the presentation was profound. Judges were able to see our world in a tangible form, allowing them to fully appreciate the intricacies and thoughtfulness of our design. The model’s size and detail made it easier for them to visualize how Domain Bizarre would function in real life, enhancing the overall effect of our presentation.


The successful presentation of Domain Bizarre demonstrates the critical role that large-scale 3D printing can play in themed experience design. By collaborating with re:3D Inc., our project team was able to create a compelling and detailed massing model that brought our vision to life. This experience underscores the importance of innovative presentation tools in the field of themed entertainment, paving the way for future projects to push the boundaries of creativity and design.

For our team, the journey of Domain Bizarre was not just about presenting a project; it was about pioneering new methods of visual storytelling and spatial design. With the help of re:3D Inc., we showcased how large-scale 3D printing can transform abstract concepts into tangible realities, setting a new standard for themed experience presentations.

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