3D Printed Play Structures and Architectural Models with Rice University

https://youtu.be/LqA0Wbcpix8 “It is certainly a beautiful campus in which to construct a temporary play structure. It also meant that I would walk by the installation every day on my way to and from work, allowing me to observe the structure over time and learn more about the novel construction system.” David Costanza, now teaching at […]

Medical Models For Disaster Response: Why We Designed and 3D Printed Flexible Vaginas

Nearly a year ago, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico with its Category 5  power. The entire electrical grid was destroyed, water systems were inoperable, 95% of cellular sites were broken and 400 miles of Puerto Rico’s 16,700 miles of roads were too damaged to drive on causing thousands of people and communities isolated from communications […]

A section of concrete stamped with the phrase "Macklin Manor. Est 1989"

How To Make a 3D Printed Concrete Stamp

Pressed into the concrete outside the newly remodeled Holy Trinity Missionary Baptist Church in Youngstown, Ohio is a distinctive embossment, “Macklin Manor, Est: 1989.” The notation was added to honor the church’s long-serving pastor, Reverend Lewis Macklin II, a much-beloved community leader in Youngstown. What isn’t obvious about that marker however, is that the concrete […]

Pamton 3D: Advice from a Contract 3D Print Business Veteran

https://youtu.be/5sJTpdIi6ywhttps://youtu.be/OnmLKIVN6g4 “If the house catches fire, screw the diamonds – I gotta bring my steps.” The stairs leading to the basement of Pamela Szmara’s house are what she’s referring to, and it’s what’s on them that’s so valuable. The treasure trove is visible only once you reach the bottom and look up. Covering the exposed […]