NASA Repost: 3D Printing and the Future of Aeronautics

The following articles were originally posted by NASA on You may recognize a familiar machine in the video at 1:24 August 19, 2019 – 3D Printing and the Future of Aeronautics Today is National Aviation Day and progress is ongoing in the next evolution of air mobility – all thanks to emerging 3D […]

Saying ‘I Do!’ To 3D Printing For A Wedding

It’s that lovely time of year again where love is all amongst us as weddings are galore! More than a handful of our teammates have utilized the power of 3D printing with Gigabot to create wedding decor that reduces costs while optimizing creative expression & personalization… so we thought we’d share their applications in hopes […]

3D Printing Sparking Innovation at Stellar Industries Have you ever walked by a construction site, looked at a massive piece of equipment that completely dwarves you, and wondered, “How do they change that massive tire if they get a flat?” Stellar Industries has the answer to that question. Stellar designs and manufactures hydraulic truck equipment – cranes, hooklifts, tire service, and […]

Prehistoric Preservation: 3D Printing Dinosaur Bones at SWAU

A Hidden Gem in Keene The drive from Dallas to Keene is bucolic in a quintessential Texas kind of way – scenery of grassy fields broken up by farmhouses. Keene is a small town, home to Southwestern Adventist University. The campus is still calm when I arrive, meandering my way to the building that’s brought […]

This Company Is Pursuing The Untapped Potential Of 3D Printing In Kenya

After growing up and working in his family’s manufacturing business in Kenya, Mehul Shah saw the big opportunity of 3D printing and decided to pursue its untapped potential full-time. He started Ultra Red Technologies two years ago as a contract 3D printing company in Nairobi to design, prototype, and produce custom 3D printed products that […]