re: thinking Buoyancy – Hanging 10 on a 4pc PLA Surfboard

The Big Idea Like most start-ups intent on exploring the intersection of tech and sheer awesomeness, the vision to 3D print a surfboard was cast over beer, at a co-working space (Capital Factory), subsequent to a lack of sleep. Disregard the fact the nobody physically present at our Q2 re:treat had actually surfed, we were […]

The Special Story of Mike’s Squirrel Guardian

Here are re:3D, our motto is “Think Big, Print Huge”. With the aim of bringing FFF 3D printing off the table top into the factory, we manufacture big machines that can print human-sized tools. Isn’t it funny, then, that our teammate Mike Battaglia’s most popular file on Thingiverse   is a small statuette of a […]

Behind the Scenes of the Gigabot Giveaway!

Sanchana Vasikaran is the project lead for the Great Big Gigabot Giveaway during her summer internship.  In her own words, she outlines the judges and sponsors of our 2015 Giveaway. Our 2nd Great Big Gigabot Giveaway is right around the corner! We hope you are as excited as we are about the upcoming launch on […]

SXSW 2015: Round up

As the re:3D team wraps up and recovers from what has been an amazing South-by-Southwest experience, we wanted to provide this special update on what we did, who we met, and address some questions people had about re:3D, Gigabot and OpenGB. re:3D’s coverage at SXSW  was primarily during the five days of SXSW Interactive, and […]

How Community Catalyzed our Young Startup : A Partnership with ArchDaily

Rewind to late 2013. re:3D was in the middle of Kickstarter fulfillment, focusing on our backers, and building the core mechanics of our company, all the while introducing ourselves to the 3D printing community. The architecture community was one of our emerging markets for large format, affordable 3D printers, and through a fortunate introduction via […]