This 3D Printing Story Will Blow You Away

We find ourselves now at the third and final leg of the stool making up Darrel Barnette’s business: contract 3D printing for other people/businesses (non-governmental contracts).

He describes it as being rewarding work, because it’s where he gets to give back to others in the form of his 3D printing skills that he’s spent the last several years honing.

Darrel’s first contract printing job as Digital to Definitive was for a group of engineering students at the University of Central Florida who had found themselves in a pickle. They needed a physical prototype of their [spoiler alert] vertical axis wind turbine (the clickbait title should make sense now), hadn’t had luck finding anyone with a 3D printer large enough to take on the job, and had exhausted their own attempts to build a working model.

Darrel came to the rescue, printing the three blades of their turbine all at the same time, standing them up on his Gigabot’s bed to print in one piece.

We don’t want to spoil too many surprises for you, but the project was a success. Check out the video to hear Darrel’s take on this win-win situation.

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