Lessons Learned from Starting a 3D Printing Business

We’ve made it to the final post in Darrel Barnette’s series about the 3D printing company he started, Digital to Definitive. In this final video, Darrel shares the biggest lessons he’s learned as a new small-business owner and as someone who’d never done it before.

Darrel had no previous experience starting, running, or even working for a business in the realm of what he built. His career had been big companies, government, and universities – very much a different environment from what he found himself in with Digital to Definitive.

The lessons he’s learned have been invaluable: educating your clients on 3D printing is necessary for better project outcomes, 3D printing can be a finicky technology and isn’t always perfect, and most importantly, relationship-building — before you embark on starting your own business — is crucial.

The whole process has been a journey and learning experience, Darrel says. But for him, the long hours and late nights are worth it.

Have you thought about building your own 3D printing business from the ground up? Let Darrel give you a taste of what it’s been like and see if it might be for you.

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