Happy 2019! We’re excited to kick off this year with a first: re:3D is going to CES 2019 in Las Vegas January 7-12th and bringing a something big with us… Gigabot X! Our large-scale, affordable 3D printer printing from plastic waste. We’re excited to mark this milestone as we literally journey to CES driving Gigabot X from Houston to Las Vegas then back. After successfully launching Gigabot X on Kickstarter last year, our engineers have been working hard with backers to evolve to the first working prototype that will make its first debut at CES and will be taken home by its first customer from WeWork after the show… a brilliant anniversary after winning the WeWork Creator Award almost exactly a year ago! We’ll be exhibiting in Eureka Park and pitching live as a top 10 finalist in Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge (more of our CES schedule details below).

Gigabot X has come a long way – and our mission to decimate cost and scale barriers to 3D printing and utilizing plastic waste to empower people to solve problems is still at our core. And we have some exciting research findings to support it. Dr. Pearce and the team at Michigan Technical University have published a peer-reviewed study and have one more under review validating the benefits of using Gigabot X: from optimizing materials to cutting costs to faster printing with multiple types of plastic waste.

We’ll be posting daily insights, so stay tuned on the blog & we’ll be using #ReduceReuseRe3D throughout our trip on social media @re3Dprinting! But this first post shares our CES schedule (which we will continue to update in real time), our road trip take off, and how to connect with us at CES and on social throughout our trip.

#Extreme2CES Road Trip To Vegas!

#HonkIfYouLike3Dprinting! The team has loaded up and hit the road! We’re all packed up with Gigabots in Uhauls and teammates are making the 1,500 mile journey from Houston to Las Vegas. Follow our journey #Extreme2CES on social media @re3Dprinting and we’ll be sharing stories real time on Instagram. Make sure to #honkifyoulike3Dprinting if you see us on the road! The road trip is a little too long for a scooter though, even if you have scooter insurance. As the road trip is likely to take a while, the company decided to send the teams to Vegas in cars. The company decided that cars would be most likely to get the workers there safely and in good time. They also made sure that each vehicle had first aid car kits to keep their employees safe throughout the travel. Of course, the printer had to go in a van, but cars were the best option for employees.

Enjoy some photos of our first days.

CES Schedule

If you’re looking to connect at CES, here’s where we’ll be. We’ll continue to update our location and activities live on this post

6-8pm: We’re hosting a small & mighty dinner at Bin 702 from 6-8pm to unveil Gigabot X at CES. Spots are limited, so RSVP here and we’d love to connect with media contacts interested in getting a first look at our latest technology and share conversation on technology for the greater good.

Tuesday, January 8th // Eureka Park @ Tech West Floor 1 Sands Hall G Booth 51510

10am-6pm: Gigabot X and our team will be co-exhibiting in the government pavilion in partnership with National Science Foundation and Small Business Association. Add us to your schedule and come say hi!

11:30am-12:15pm: Techstars Robotics Pitch Competition at Startup Stage in Eureka Park Sands Expo Center, on level 1, in Hall G Booth 50268.

5-7pm: We’ll be with Finn Partners and IEEE to cheers the first day of CES 2019 at Tao Restaurant.

Wednesday, January 9th // Gigabot rolls big in Vegas

More details on our whereabouts to come and we have 2 Gigabots up for grabs if you’d like to get together.

Follow on social media & hashtags #ReduceReuseRe3D #Extreme2CES for our live location.

Thursday, January 10th // Extreme Tech Challenge Finals @ The Venetian Bellini Ballroom

12-1pm: We’ll be demo’ing Gigabot X at The Venetian Bellini Ballroom Booth 2003-2006 

1-3pm: Pitching live as a finalist in Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge. Come cheer us on (and no matter where in the world you are, tune in via #XTC2019).

Find us at HAKKASSAN nightclub dancing away later that night.

Friday, January 11th // Eureka Park @ Tech West, Floor 1 Sands Hall G Booth 51510

9am-4pm: We’re back in Eureka Park!

8-11pm: That evening you can find us kicking it with Kickstarter & closing out CES at their event at The Golden Tiki.

Let’s Connect


If you’re a customer attending CES, we have a gift for you! Get in touch and let us know where you’ll be at info@re3d.org.


We have so many exciting stories to break at CES – especially our major milestone of creating a 3D printer printing from trash! Join our exclusive kick off dinner on Monday, schedule a private Gigabot X showing, and get more collateral from cat@re3d.org.

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If you have any tips on who to connect with or where to be, please get in touch! info@re3d.org. Don’t forget #ReduceReuseRe3D – more from us soon!

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