3D Printed Play Structures and Architectural Models with Rice University

https://youtu.be/LqA0Wbcpix8 “It is certainly a beautiful campus in which to construct a temporary play structure. It also meant that I would walk by the installation every day on my way to and from work, allowing me to observe the structure over time and learn more about the novel construction system.” David Costanza, now teaching at […]

HiveCube: Building a Safer Future for Puerto Rico

Note: re:3D does not manufacture HiveCube homes, but rather was part of the prototyping process and helped to 3D print architectural models which HiveCube used for pitching to investors. https://youtu.be/XBMJDx9EJmo Maria Velasco was hunkered down with family on the west coast of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez when Hurricane Maria hit. “The first 24 hours there […]

3D Printing Products for Refugees

https://youtu.be/qQn0o30_3D8 The Gigaprize is a competition we run for every 100 bots we sell to donate a Gigabot to an organization that will use it for good. Scott Key originally saw the call for contest entries on Instagram. He and his business partner, Sam Brisendine, thought the odds of them actually winning were pretty slim, […]

From Rubble to Rebirth: #NEWPALMYRA

From Rubble to Rebirth In addition to the tremendous human suffering and loss in Syria, there is another component to the war which has taken an entirely different toll on the country and its psyche: the destruction of its cultural heritage. Part of ISIS’s path of destruction has been on the ancient cities’ architecture themselves […]

Creative Commons Repost — Sharing a lost city: An innovative collaboration with re:3D and the New Palmyra project

The following is a repost of the Creative Commons blog post about our collaboration with them on the New Palmyra project. Article originally published on April 28, 2017 by Jennie Rose Halperin. Original article: https://creativecommons.org/2017/04/28/new-palmyra/ Sharing a lost city: An innovative collaboration with re:3D and the New Palmyra project Together with re:3D, an Austin-based 3D printing company, […]