Gigabot Mods & the Open-Source Movement

If you’ve been following along with the Digital to Definitive Story thus far, you may have noted to yourself that Darrel Barnette’s Gigabot looks a little different than the rest. You’re not imagining it – he has modified the heck out of his bot.

And that’s what we like to see! From the start, we’ve been committed to keeping our products open-source, our parts transparent, and our designs un-patented. Our goal is to encourage Gigabot owners to customize their bots to their needs, and from this, our engineers get to learn what’s important to our community and add priorities to our R&D pipeline. We have users who have added webcams, remote printing capabilities, full enclosures… And then there’s Darrel.

He was an early Kickstarter backer – an engineer with a natural affinity for tinkering and experimenting – and those skills were put to work with his first-gen Gigabot.

We’ll let Darrel take you through the modifications he’s made to his bot and why he did them.

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