Hair Dressing the World’s Biggest Hairy Lion Print

The Hairy Lion print is somewhat of a legend in the 3D printing community. It’s a fun one to do, in major part due to the fact that the mane portion of the print can be “styled” after printing using a hair dryer or heat gun.

So obviously we had to get in on the fun and blow the competition out of the water with the biggest hairy lion print — as far as we know — to date.

Download the file from Thingiverse and print it yourself!

Here are the specs of ours, if you’re up for the challenge:

Print time: 46 hours
Layer height: 0.6mm w/ 0.8mm nozzle
Infill: 9%
Material: PLA
Height: 22″ tall
Weight: 14.4 lbs before post-processing ; 10.2 lbs after post-processing
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