Human Scale 3D Printing Applications

Art & Design
Rapid Prototyping
Health Science

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Downey High School:  Robotics, STEM facilitated by 6 Gigabot 3D Printers

Gigabot Labs

We extend a 10% discount to volume Gigabot purchases, educational purposes and maker spaces.


Rapid Prototyping

Doug Mockett & Co. iterating in-house: saving months of development by rapid prototyping within hours on Gigabot

Your Shop Set-Up

Equip your shop and put Gigabot 3.0 to work — fully assembled and fully-loaded.

Gigabot 3.0 with Dual Extrusion

  • Two All-Metal Extruders
  • Side Panel Protection
  • Tall, Wheeled Platform
  • Heated Bed

One Year Service Warranty

Have us come out to do the installation for you.

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