Hello three dimensional world!

I am Intern.obj, aka Sunny, a new intern at re:3D. Over the summer, I had the opportunity to work with a Gigabot this summer while I was interning at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. 3D printing was such an amazing experience that I knew I had to get involved–so here I am at re:3D!

I am a first year at Grinnell College and an intended Biology or Physics major. I have a special interest in how 3D printing is applicable to science in addition to my general interest in using large-format 3D printing ANYWHERE!

Stay tuned: I will be blogging every week to explore the wide world of 3D printing applications by following the amazing projects of Gigabot owners from all over the world!

Find me, Sunny Zhao, on Twitter and LinkedIn. Feel free to email me with questions and comments at sunny@re3d.org .

It’s time to get printing!


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