Introducing re:3D’s Give-a-Bot Referral Program

Do you want to be on the cutting edge of technology and give your clients another reason to view you as a trusted advisor?  By joining Gigabot’s referral program, you can tell your clients, friends and colleagues about a huge, industrial quality, affordable printer that takes an idea from dream to reality.

At re:3D, we value community and invest in our communities to make a difference. We want to encourage and inspire all the young and young at heart to think BIG and get out and make a difference in their communities. Our passion for fostering community has given us the ability to form a referral program to support this vision. We need you to spread the word to those in your communities. Together, our knowledge and resources will make a BIG difference.

What’s in it for you? As a Gigabot owner, you’re already familiar with the product, so all you have to do is tell your friends, maker friends, family, and other 3D printer enthusiasts about how BIG Gigabot can print, send them our way and we’ll take it from there.

For every person you refer who buys a Gigabot, re:3D will reward you with a kickback. It’s our way of saying thank you. You can choose from the following options:

  • A $300 check when your referral completes the purchase of a Gigabot
  • A donation in your name for $300 to the Give-Back-a-Bot program.
  • 10% off any purchase from re:3D
  • Three 5 lb rolls of Filament for even more 3D printing
  • A $300 donation to one of the two amazing non-profits that inspired re:3D

Opportunity International

Engineers without Borders

You can — Register Here.

Be sure and tell your referral to include your name in the “Who referred you?” field when purchasing their Gigabot. We’ll be in contact with you after everything is finalized with the order. Voila! We will then hook you up with whichever kickback you choose.

* Remember, if you’re not registered in our referral program, we won’t be able to give you a kickback…however, we will always be grateful and so very much appreciative of any lead you send our way.

re:Education – Edison Engine 3D printing education series launches on YouTube!

Edison Engine – 3D Printing Basics Episode 1

Edison Engine was created to educate the world on the process of invention and how 3D printing can enable that process. 3D printing is truly a revolutionary technology, and is going to change society forever for the better.
In the near future, millions of people will have access to the creative power that heretofore has only been granted to a few. This will reduce the barriers of entry to everyday people enough to allow them to create unabated. We at re:3D are makers of the largest format consumer FDM printer on the market, and are excited to share 3D printing with the world for a better society and future. Our very own, Erik Hausmann is the host of the series, and has a passion for sharing creativity and knowledge with the world. Formerly a senior consultant at Deloitte Consulting, he is an MBA graduate student at McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas. We hope that you can learn and help other people learn about 3D creation through this series. We are excited to see this new future, and have created this video series to educate and watch the 3D printing revolution as it unfolds. Remember, always keep creating!

The Great Big Gigabot Giveaway!

re:3D hit a milestone when we shipped our 100th Gigabot to the field! Around here, we like to celebrate when we achieve a goal. Our team of bots brainstormed on how we could celebrate, and one thing was for sure: we want to get YOU – the community – involved!

Our passion at re:3D is to keep the idea box open. That’s why we built Gigabot on an open source platform. We want the community to get involved and know that the brainpower of many can make a difference.

With this in mind, we launched the Great Big Gigabot Giveaway as a way to get YOU to think big and beyond the normal possibilities. With large-format 3D printing, anything is possible.

We are asking you and your community to submit ideas of how you would use Gigabot to make a difference. Think huge, because the next Gigabot could be yours.

Deadline for entry is June 9th, so get your thinking caps on! Click here for all the details on The Great Big Gigabot Giveaway.

As a team, we love that the 100th Gigabot found his home at the Clear Lake City-County Freeman Branch Library in Houston, Texas – a place where the community comes together to learn and grow.  We support the endless fountain of ideas that young and old minds generate and were eager to deliver the 100th Gigabot.

It’s not every day that a library buys a 3D printer, so we wanted to chat with Jim Johnson, the librarian, about the library’s future plans with their Gigabot.

While the library is working toward developing a makerspace on the top floor of the library, they wanted to offer something different to the community that inspired innovation.

“We thought we could get a desktop 3D printer, but we wanted to offer something more for makers, so we got a large-scale 3D printer,” Jim shared. “Not many libraries have a printer this size. We thought it would make us stand out and provide the community with something different.”

Thanks to a generous donation, the new makerspace will most likely be called Lee Innovation Lab. The plans, while not completely finalized, are to have a workbench and laser printer/cutter, so folks in the community can tinker around and solder.

“We’ll probably lean more toward electronics and technology, since we have a lot of engineers in our community,” Jim said.  “We want to provide them with a tool that is usually only accessible at their workplace.”

re:3D does SXSW 2014 – bigger than before!

Arriving at SxSW 2014 brought back great memories for us and was a good mile marker to see how far we have come as a company.

This Austin event holds a special place in the life of Gigabot and its founding team.

Flashback to SxSW 2013 – re:3D unveiled Gigabot after StartUp Chile chose them as one of the top 10 startup companies to be part of its sixth generation world-recognized acceleration program. We launched our 60-day Kickstarter campaign on the first day of SxSW Interactive, and our awesome backers met our fundraising goal within 27 hours! With their incredible support and advice from mentors, we’ve spent the the last year working hard to manufacture and deliver a high quality 3D printer (both in design and accuracy) that our backers and customers value.

Today, we’re functioning as a 3D printing company and our team is growing! While we still have our share of challenges here and there, we have learned that communicating is one of the most valued tools when working with a distributed team. (and really any team…)

This year, re:3D returned to SxSW as a success story. Wow! Adventures and opportunities awaited us around every corner. Our team pulled together, bonded a little closer, learned a lot, talked to a massive amount of people, posed for pictures, ate delicious food, interviewed with media, hung out with musicians, spoke on a 3D printing panel, assembled a Gigabot for delivery, finalized assembly and Kickstarter shipments, printed some cool prints, encouraged students and even got to eat some frozen yogurt and take a breather.

If you didn’t have a chance to make it to SxSW to see Gigabot in action, here’s a snippet of how re:3D was involved.

SxSW Create

A place where makers, hackers and DIYers united to check out innovative technologies and products. Our team spent three days with two Gigabots 3D printing and talking about 3D printing with local artists, architects and hobbyists. Some young 3D printer fans even came by to learn more about Gigabot. Our Chief Hacker, Matthew, spoke on a panel discussing 3D printers and the how 3D printers are being used. The recurring phrase that sums up SxSW Create, “Wow, that is so cool.”

SxSW Tradeshow

After SxSW Create, we moved our two Gigabots over to the trade show where we set up our 3D printers at the StartUp Chile booth. It only made sense to be a part of their booth since that is where we got our start last year. With tired feet, we spent the next three days showing off Gigabot and talking about possible ways researchers and developers could use Gigabot. Several media companies stopped by to interview us and we even got to pitch our product and company in front of Austin-based VCs at the SxSW Chile booth!

During the music portion of SxSW, we partnered up with On-AirStreaming, an Austin-based film studio that does interviews with artists in an air-stream trailer. Pretty spiffy, if you ask us. We set up Gigabot and printed out “musician-ny” things like guitar pics and little guitars… not pushing the limits of size, but having a great time squeezing in some quick prints between shows. We even printed a specially requested yellow penguin. Thanks, On-AirStreaming for having us!

While our job is really never done, it’s time to raise a glass and take a deep breath as we close on the final Kickstarter deliveries. Here’s to another year of adventure and growth! See you back at SxSW 2015!

Kickstarter Viki LCD Upgrade

* Original post from late 2013 *

Thanks for the continuous support, patience, and feedback! Many of you suggested that providing more multimedia with our Kickstarter updates would be helpful. A video seemed like a good way to answer some questions about the Viki LCD upgrade, so @chief_hacker recorded a quick tour of the Viki LCD add-on. All of our Gigabot-level backers will receive this add-on as part of our stretch-goal fulfillment.

Watch the video Viki Intro:

3D Printing Should Start at a Young Age

* Original post from late 2013 *

Caitlin Maudlin is a freshman at West Albany High School where she is an active member of the school’s robotics team and Future Business Leaders of America.

Imagine being able to create anything that comes to mind. Imagine making things big as cars or small as human veins. 3D printing brings this day dream to life. 3D printing is fast growing as both a hobby and a career. Not only because it’s still interesting and new, but because there’s so many possibilities. It opens doors we didn’t even know existed, as all true advances in technology do. There are opportunities to use 3D printing in everything from the medical field to engineering. Now go and introduce this to the creative youth.

You get thousands of teenagers wanting a shot just to see this thing in action. As someone who is on a robotics team personally I love the idea of having access to a 3D printer for prototyping. At competition this year we saw a several teams with them. Each one spoke very highly of using them and recommends them to anyone. The vice president of team S.W.A.R.M. gave his opinion on this technology as “3D printing is useful for prototyping quickly, creating models/trinkets/art pieces, and overall having fun being able to see your creation take shape.”

Now robotics teams aren’t the only groups of kids who are using this. Makerspaces all over the country are taking advantage of this new way to provide hands on education. A Makerspace at the University of Mary Washington called ThinkLab uses a 3D printer for prototyping, designing, and creating solution to business problems.

It doesn’t even stop there just yesterday I went to the Maker Faire only to see a group of teenagers showing off their printer and what they make with it. Maker Faires are great places to go see what people are doing with new technology and to show off their homemade crafts. People are using printers not only for stuff now, but for things that can help us in the future. The possibilities are truly endless. Ten years from now what could we be making? What kid is going to figure out how to use a printer like the Gigabot to make new arms or legs for amputees?

So why not strive to put a bot into every high school? Help the future by introducing the youth to printers today. George Benard Shaw said “Youth is wasted on the young.” I believe in firmly proving him wrong. Teens love tinkering with all the new “toys” the world provides. Not all of them have had the wonderful experience I’ve had being able to learn to use a 3D printer.

Which is why 3D printers should be as common as regular printers are. Robotic teams, some schools, Makerspaces, clubs, artists, and more are all getting into 3D printing. These kids are the ones who are imagining what they can do with this product. They daydream about the things they can accomplish and build in the short time it takes to print out the tools they need. The youth is the future, and as an overused phrase says so in 3D printing.

Designing for a Global Audience

* Original post from mid 2013 *

Design is a relational tool, used to communicate our respect for the end-user and to manipulate human behavior. To think, I design. The best part about being a designer is having the ability to allow others to see what I see and collaborate on effective solutions at the human scale. Here are pieces of my design process that I have found invaluable and want to share with you.

When you start a design project, usually your first ideas are your best ideas. 

But, you won’t figure that out until you’ve circled around at least ten other concepts. Designers are born with a strong intuition for brand sentiment, but start with the big picture before being able to streamline the resonate details. Carry around a small notebook and pen everywhere and use doodle time to sketch quarter-sized brand marks. Sometimes the best ideas come when you’re least expecting it.

Map your constraints. 

The beginning of a project is easily the best time to get yourself acquainted with your future hurdles. What is the type and size of audience you are designing for, and how much time do you have to create something magical? Be realistic, but dream about all possibilities.

Print it out, pin it up, and draw at least 100 thumbnail sketches of concepts with a pen or pencil. 

The first thing that a designer must do when presented with a new project is to curate a mood board of images, textures, samples, and concepts that can guide your project. From there, print every single thing out and hang it up on a wall in front of you. Knoll your inspiration into categories, stand back, and synthesize the early stages of your brand.

Play with design styles. Learn useful vector tricks and tips, but avoid following trends in your industry, especially if it’s an emerging market. Developing a brand for yourself and your company are two different things. The beauty of being in a start-up is being able to have a lot of input on the form of the brand.

Your brand is an umbrella of your understanding of the product. 

As a designer, you feel out the emotions and desires of your audience, and your brand is a tangible expression of that understanding. In order to give your product the ability to scale and grow, you must look to your customer for the answers. Just remember, Reddit can be your best friend and your worst enemy when it comes to how the public perceives your product. To grow your brand identity, ask yourself: What are the reasons that your community wants to be involved?

Live with your design before you decide to go any farther with it. 

When I develop a brand, product, or graphic design, I like to carry it with me somehow everywhere I go. Showing my brand to a diverse group of friends is a great testing ground for the world.

Never take criticism personally. 

Your design is not you. Once you create it, you are donating it to your customers. Everyone is an undiscovered designer, so listen before reacting to new ideas. My favorite thing to do is develop 3-5 versions of an idea and walk around with my computer asking, “what do you think”?

Think Big, Print Huge

re: Katy

What’s your design process? Send your tips to

The Homestretch

* Original post from early 2013 *

The founders of re:3D just finished probably the 50th G+ Hangout since our campaign began, just two short months ago at SxSWi. Hot topics swirled around finalizing operation plans, packaging, staffing, HW sourcing, and prototype testing, etc… as they always do. Chief Hacker reported some new successes in the workshop, machining key fixtures and writing the CNC programs for production phase of the Gigabot!

There was more determination than usual, though, as we looked at the next steps. The post-Kickstarter survey to our backers, future partnerships, and plans for our sustained online marketplace, seemed just a little more tangible and important. We’re in the homestretch of this amazing phase of re:3D – and thanks to our backers, we’re ready to start the next phase with renewed vigor, purpose… and a whole lot of hardware!!

With sincere gratitude to our backers,

The re:3D Team

Gigabot Crosses the Equator

* Original post from March/April 2013 *

The re:3D Team cannot express enough how much we appreciate every single backer of our young enterprise! The past week has been a monumental one as we continued writing the history of the Gigabot, one milestone at a time. We are immensly humbled and filled with thanks each time we reflect on these past 12 days.

Many of you saw the Gigabot during its debut at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, TX. Just days after packing up shop at the convention center, Chief Hacker Matthew packed himself, some tools, and the Gigabot on a commercial flight South, together with Doc Suzanne to join forces with Samantha in Santiago, Chile. After re-assembly in Samantha’s cozy apartment, we are proud to announce that we are printing LARGE in the southern hemisphere!

This success in packaging, transport, and the continuing validation of raw material sourcing for our kits has given us the confidence to “green-light” an exciting stretch goal for the Gigabot Project!

New Stretch Goal: $200K!

If we are successful in raising over $200K for our endeavor, we will integrate an LCD display into each and every Gigabot shipped to our Kickstarters. Why is this awesome? In addition to the insight that an added display provides during the build progress, this feature allows a print to occur independent of a dedicated laptop. This is useful for keeping the area clear surrounding the Gigabot, and also allows your laptop to be used for other purposes during giga-builds – like designing your next creation! Everyone who receives a kit of any level will receive the parts necessary to integrate the display – and if your Gigabot ships pre-assembled, so will the display.

Of course, we appreciate each and EVERY one of our backers, so if we meet this stretch goal of $200K, we will also throw a party in your honor during the weekend of the New York World Maker Faire! Each backer of the $5 level or more will allow you and a guest VIP entry to the Giga-Thanks Party, as we celebrate the kickoff of our shipping phase and plan for the future together as a community. There will of course be expectations of a Giga-Party to live up to its name, and we plan to deliver!

This $200K level will give us solid justification and capital to support a long-term manufacturing solution, and ensure that the best possible product is shipped to the first owners. It will also enable exciting development work on printing with recycled plastics.

This has been an amazing couple of weeks, and we can’t wait to see what we can create together by thinking globally, and printing big!


The re:3D Team